Crowd with Masks


How Can We Assist?

How to insert nosepiece in FP Classic

What are the payment options?


We accept credit cards (through a secure provider, Stripe), PayPal or ETransfer all through our website cart. We prefer not to handle cash during these crazy times but will make exceptions for curbside pickups if necessary

What is your return policy?


We stand behind every product we make. We make every single product ourselves, here in Canada (Nanaimo, BC, to be exact) with the highest quality materials we can source. Our goal and focus is to have 100% satisfied customers. We will treat you the way we wish to be treated, fairly and honestly.

What is the difference between the Classic Style & 3D Origami Style?


The only difference is how cut and look. Both are 3 layers they are only different looking and slightly different in the way they fit. Some of our customers that wear glasses find the 3D is even better for not fogging than our classic cut 

3D Mask Origami Style 8 beige horse head

3D Origami Style

Tribal Reflections Grizzly Rust 3.jpg

Classic Style

What materials do you use?


We spent a lot of time researching the materials we should be using and found over and over again the scientist and medical professionals were recommending a 3 layer design

Layer 1 - Outside layer, quilting cotton for the quality, thread count consistently 120 or better

Layer 2 - Non-woven core, polypropylene. Many tests have been done on this material now and it has been shown to be effective in blocking the Covid virus. It cannot compare to an N95, but it is very good

Layer 3 - High quality cotton lining thread count 120 or better. We have been able to source an excellent 200 thread count we use in all of our masks

What sizes to you have?

Child size (generally fits up to a 7 - 8 year old) 7.75" from ear to ear and 4" from the bridge of the nose to the point of the chin

Petite Adult/Large Child (generally fits a small face, child up to 12 - 13 years old) 8.5" from ear to ear and 4.5" from the bridge of the nose to the point of the chin

Regular Adult (fits 95% of adults comfortably) 9.5" ear to ear and 5" from the bridge of the nose to the point of the chin

Large Adult 9.5" ear to ear and 5.5" from the bridge of the nose to the point of the chin